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LU MEE JIUN 1101PL1 CAN AND SHOULD SOCIOLOGY BE A SCIENCE.DISCUSS. Auguste Comte` the founding father of sociology defines sociology as “the science of society.” In other words he defines sociology as the knowledge of individuals belonging to groups that vary in form, size and race.The question is to what extent Sociology can and should become a science?This issue has been debated by sociologists long time ago. Firstly,positivists view that Sociology can be a science.Positivists claim that Sociology uses the same methods and procedure as the natural sciences. Auguste Comte defines science as empirical, objective, and tentative and is based on the principles of cause and effect.Comte and Durkheim believe that social facts are like facts in natural sciences as they can be objectively observed, measured and quantified.Durkheim said they are external to the individuals and therefore observable and measurable.Therefore,positivists strongly agree that Sociology can be a science. In contrast,Phenomenologists view that sociology cannot be a science like the natural science.This is because the natural science methods are not appropriate for Sociology because objective observation and measurement of the social world are not possible.To understand the social world,one must understand the subjective meaning of action such as vestehen sociology.Even statistical facts are mere categorisation based on stereotypes and taken-for-granted assumptions.So,phenomenologists think that sociology cannot be a science because it will not be able to study the real social reality. Medawar and Lynch strengthened this argument with their theory that science itself is not scientific.Medawar suggests the actual process of research is not logical because scientists omit false starts,changes in direction and dead ends.Lynch found scientists collect and adjust the data to confirm their

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