A Sociological View of The Breakfast Club

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The movie, The Breakfast Club, displays how a group of kids can be divided and, at the same time, connected by social labels. Social labels divide groups of people by their behavior, interests, and appearance. Most people today would say that social labels are detrimental toward our societies. In reality, everyone is constantly working to maintain their own personal label. Everyone has been labeled and has labeled someone in their lifetime so why have people put a bad rap on them? I believe that labels are very important in our society because it makes people feel like they belong to a group that shares their interests. Over the years, in trying to define myself, I have assumed many different labels. I consider myself a hard-working, open-minded, very social, skateboarder who will work hard in order to reach my goals. I portray my label by wearing clothes made by skateboarding brands, by talking to people in many different groups, and by devoting myself to my work. I have worked since elementary school to build this image and will work hard for the rest of my life to make sure people know who I am and what I’m about. The only time labels are harmful or damaging is when they are misused. Last weekend, someone in the position of authority pre-judged me as a teen looking for trouble. This issue involved an adult’s word against mine. The authority figure took the adults word as more credible than mine because he was older than me. I felt defeated before I even started with my side of the story because I was pre-judged. No one is innocent of this crime though. I myself have pre-judged a large amount of people before I had ever met them. For example, I used to believe that my closest friend was a nerd because of the way he dressed. I avoided talking to him because he didn’t look like me. Once we got into high school, he started changing his clothing
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