Sociological Perspectives On Family

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Sociological Perspectives on Family I. Family A. Function B. Interaction II. Conflict A. Man vs. Woman III. Interactionist IV. Functionalist Family is a set of people related by blood, or marriage or some other agreed upon relationship who shares the primary responsibility for reproduction and caring for members of society. So when you start a family you are going to have functioned and interaction, but what comes with that is conflict. Functionalist is what you start the family off with. You have six functions which are reproduce, protection, socialize, regulation of sexual behavior, affection and companionship, and prevision of social status. When it comes down to family everyone plays apart, weather you already have a family or planning to start one. We are going to go through each one of these function and show the similarities, social changes, and society. Reproduction is an organized which means for producing new members of the family and society needs it to survive. This play a major role in life with out it we will just have the four elements of life which is: water, air, earth, and fire. Reproduction is for society to be full with life. Its also is for getting a family together and adding more to the populations of life. There are similarities of reproduction in human as well as with animal species. It has the same role as to producing more animals so that they will not be extinct or if they don’t produce then there will be some rare animal extinction. Protection is a touchy subject; it can cause conflict between man and woman. Protection is what some people will say “king of the jungle”, but in some other prospective women now a days are play the male role in the family. They are protection there family and children because there is no male figure in the home. (Schaefer, 2009) Human infants need constant care and economic security. In
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