Sociological Perspectives Essay

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Professor: Sandra Colavecchia Student ID:1147997 Ashira Saluja February 29, 2012 SOCIOLOGY 1A06 “How divorce effects the developmental process and outcome of children” Research on the impact of divorce on children throughout the life course suggests that divorce has a tremendous negative effect on the development and outcome of children. This research agrees with the hypothesis that divorce is devastating to all children. This essay will examine recent sociological studies on the effect of divorce on the family and more importantly, the children. It closely examines the transition from nuclear families to single-parent families and how parental divorce effects a child’s socioeconomic status, behavioural problems, ability to maintain relationships, delinquency, and cognitive/non cognitive traits. Central research questions pursued by researchers and significance of the questions Key findings (Address complexity here; avoid temptation to simplify findings) Theoretical approaches (Differences in theoretical approaches taken by the various researchers studying your topic) Methodological approaches (How might differences in methodology or sampling impact the findings?) Directions for future research (these should be grounded in the findings of your studies) Article #1 This study asks how the quality of family life can affect one’s socioeconomic status. In the case of marital-divorce households, socioeconomic conditions are determined by satisfaction and stability in adult romantic relationships, quality of parent-child relationships, and adjustment of adults and children after divorce. In turn, the study further asks how social conditions effect the health and wellbeing of the child and their development. It was found that divorced families experience a lowering in their socioeconomic status.
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