Sociological Model Of Abuse Essay

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Four theoretical models of abuse Psychological model of abuse: within a family if the family dysfunction becomes poor of distorted the family will cease to function as a unit (Squire, 2007, page 179). Also according to (class work) the psychological model “links abuse to the abusers previous experience”. We feel that these experiences are: lack of bonding and attachment with their primary caregiver, their upbringing, lack of positive role models and the parents/ carers ability to understand care. Sociological model of abuse: According to (Squire, 2007, page 179) the sociological model ‘looks at changing patterns within society and believes that unemployment, poverty, poor housing and health deprivation are reasons for people abusing…show more content…
Medical At the age of 17 Fred had a motorbike accident which resulted in him going into an 8 day coma, this lead to him having outbursts of range. We feel this could be one of the reasons behind his aggressive nature. Feminist When Fred was 12 years old, he was sexually abused by his mother. As a result of this he believed that this was a “normal” thing to do, so therefore influenced Rosemary into following the same route. Also after Fred was charged for molesting a teenage girl when he was 19 he was disowned by his mother. This could have also lowered his impressions and respect towards women. Overall we feel it is quite shocking that Fred comes under all four models of abuse. We believe this is because most of his life he lived on a remote farm, where the norm was to abuse, therefore he grew up his whole life believing that this is how everyone behaves, as he didn’t have any interactions with many people other than his family. The fact that he left school at 15 years of age also didn’t help his behaviour as he got older, due to a lack of positive influences from peers and limited

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