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Response Paper: How can you utilize your “sociological imagination”? Introduction to Sociology Russi Carr For this paper I choose to write about how Criminal Background checks affect job employment. I choose this topic because I have a criminal background and it has really been hindering me finding a decent job or a job at all for that matter. My situation is that I was an addict for a little over fifteen years, during that time I did a lot of stuff that I am not proud of. I now have almost eight years of recovery and you would think that enough time has passed that that I have been free of any kind of trouble for it not to affect me finding a good job. Well that would be incorrect. In my experience there are tax incentives and programs to help the parolee find employment so it is easier when you first get out of prison to get employment. But I have been off of parole now for about 6 years and I had a good job for a long time but in 2011 I was laid off. So this is the first time since I have been off of parole that I have had to look for work. What I have found even if you disclose on your application and disclose again at the interview once the background check is in it is a different story all together. Now mind you my last conviction took place in 2006, so that is quite a while ago. So during my research for this paper I found out that the population of New Mexico is about 2 million people and that statistically about 15% of those which is about 30 thousand or so will have a criminal background. Personally I feel that percentage is a bit low. So there are many people out there going through the same thing I am. And right now the job market is very hard even for someone without a criminal record. At first when I got this assignment I was very excited to write about this as it has a direct effect on me. Then I realized that I do not have a

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