Sociological Imagination Paper

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Sociological Imagination Paper Sociological imagination links together people’s personal and social lives. Because of the harsh society we live in, personal troubles arise. From the outside, a person may look like the decisions they make were made by themselves. In reality, society molds many of these decisions. Based on society, some people make good choices and others make bad choices. Sometimes, the bad choices are made because someone is pressured into the choice. Other times when bad choices are made, people make them because they want to fit into society. An example is a young female teenager wanting to be thin and tan. This is what she thinks society defines as beautiful. In order for her to be thin, she starves herself and becomes very ill. Along with all the tanning bed visits, she develops skin cancer. If someone looks at this case of the young girl by itself, it seems to be she is ruining her life on her own by the decisions she made. When you look at this case and apply sociological imagination, you see that she did this because that is what society thinks is beautiful. My mom is a strong believer in making me work for everything I have. I was never handed anything, I always had to work for it. Around two weeks before I turned sixteen, my mom drove me around to fill out job applications for every place around town that would hire a sixteen year old. I probably filled out about fifty applications. I finally realized that it was pretty hard for a sixteen year old with no experience to get a job. I really wanted a car, so I called and called several places weekly and finally landed a job. It took a while, but I eventually saved up enough to buy a car. It was a struggle for me to go to school and then straight to work most of the week. I especially hated working on the weekends. I didn’t think it was fair that I was the only one out of my group
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