Sociological Imagination Essay

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In 1959 sociologist C. Wright Mills described sociological imagination as how the society impacts peoples personal lives, how it changes their perspectives and thoughts. Researching this is very important, for one main reason, society has a huge impact on peoples lives. It conforms people and makes them think exactly the way it wants. How you wonder, because we as human beings look up to others for our answers to questions we sometimes cannot answer. Sociology is all about the study of society, how it works, how people think within different cultures and the positions they hold. Without social imagination, people would have no idea how big of a impact society has on them. Society is very different in other cultures, the norms and rules vary from country to country. My grandparents and parents came from Ukraine 19 years ago. Growing their lives were much harder and different back then, from work wise to school and things such as what they wore. To them Americas culture and society is disgusting, wearing pants, jewelry and having boyfriends is unheard of. You might be thinking wow well i’ve seen Ukrainians and they do all of that, that is Ukrainians these days. The old-fashion ones, the older folks who grew up there and came here in their old age, they still think Ukraine is how is once was and it will never change. However Ukraine definitely has changed in the years, going back you will see the society there, they just don’t care what anybody thinks of them. Wear the craziest outfit and people walking by wont even blink an eyeball. My point here is that its hard growing up in American society, and trying to be respectful and follow the old fashion way of the Ukrainians.Keeping tradition is very important and forever having that piece with you, however times change, everything changes and sometimes you have to change and move along with it or risk being stuck behind

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