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sociological imagination Sociological Imagination C. Wright Mills The word sociological imagination was created by sociologist C. Wright Mills. The sociological imagination is an inability and a value of mind that let one to comprehend and engage her or his life with forces and dynamics that influence it. In using the sociological imagination one cannot jump in to conclusion of judging others about what they do, we must judge ourselves before attempting to judge others and understand people as we understand ourselves. The society plays an impact role in an individual live therefore is important to understand the society in sociological imagination. In sociological imagination we look at personal trouble and public issues because their linked together. Below there are article stories about religion and family problems which will demonstrate on how society affect individuals. Example of sociological imagination (personal and public issues) Crosby & clayton (1986) state that social issue influence the behaviour of people`s life, In a wide society people within the society are affected by the social structures, people individually do not think the same because of the social structure influencing one`s behaviour and the way of thinking hence individuals cannot all have the same view, results will always differ hence it can be stated that Sociological Imagination make possible for people to view social problems as an entire whole and not only from one`s own perspective view. An example of a sociological imagination will be an employer always coming late to work because of his/her laziness it is a personal problem but if it is the whole stuff coming late to work it is then seen as a public issue because they will be a certain social force which cause them to be late. Other example can be looking at the reason why black people are populated in rural, using the

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