Sociological Idenity Essay

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Sociological Account Is our identity manufactured or created out of friends, family and society? Has my mum been made to believe old wives tales that she believes in things as bad luck and good luck? Is my Mum’s interaction with her family something that she imitates from her other ethnic peers? Was she taught that men have the power over women and therefore they must respect a man’s ‘’commands’’. Self concept and identity provide answers to basic questions “Who am I?, “Where do I belong?” and “How do I fit ( or fit in)?” (Abraham Tesser and Nobert Schwarz (2001). Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intraindividual Process. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd.) These are questions we all ask while we are growing up and adapting to what is right and wrong and what is expected of us. Different ethnic cultures have different expectations and ‘’norms’’, what would be seen as normal in the UK is not seen as the ‘’norm’’ in my home country Kosovo. E.g. in some parts of Kosovo it is still seen as wrong for a woman to work once they are married and their role is to be a house-wife automatically after marriage. They cannot provide as this is a man’s job and they will be seen as a bad person with no morals and respect for their culture. In the UK females are not looked down upon if they are to work and help provide for their families, you could say they are even respected and seen as higher than the ones that are housewives. An Interpretivist sociologist approach would be that they focus on the individual’s case and depth of understanding on the specific circumstances of the individual. Interpretivist’s say that, people interpret from one another. A social norm is a generally accepted way of thinking; feeling of behaving that is endorsed and expected because it is perceived as the right and proper thing to do. It is a rule, value or standard shared by

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