Sociological Aspects Of Drinking Alcohol

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Introduction Most people drink alcohol throughout their teenage years. A lot of teens see alcohol as a way to help them relax and get their mind off of things. After drinking a couple of beers, or other alcohol, teenagers feel like they don’t have to worry about the problems they have to face at either school or home. Alcohol is often used by teenagers at places such as football games,other sporting events or house parties. The type of alcohol in use is greatly affected by what type of event is occurring. Different events resort to different types of alcohol for many different reasons. Alcohol such as beer is usually used for more relaxing settings, while champagne could be used for celebratory events. In order to research our topic, we had to find sources that would support our thesis. In our review of literature, we explain the articles that we found about the topic. Our sources talk about different aspects of drinking alcohol in our society. Also, the articles talk about the different types of drinking. Moreover, our review of literature supports our thesis. We found seven sources that in one way or another help us in answering the question - Why should alcohol, rather than any other substance, be the universal symbol of festivity? To get a better idea of alcohol consumption in our closest surrounding - school - we made a survey. It consisted of eleven alcohol related questions. We passed it out among different grade levels, so we could get a bigger variety of answers. We also included some questions which helped us in making a profile of the people we surveyed leaving their identity anonymous. Survey was the best choice of gathering data for our topic since it was the most efficient and we could somehow control people’s responses. Survey Of all the students we surveyed, 48% were male, and 52% were female. Of the males, 15% said they never drank
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