Sociological Approaches To Health And Ill Health Essay

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P2- Explain two different sociological approaches to health and ill health In this essay I am going to be explaining two different sociological approaches to health and ill health. The two theories that I am going to explain will be Marxism and Feminism. To begin with I will be defining and explaining the theory on Marxism. Marxism is economy and class based; it focuses on if everyone was equal as a suppose to the social structure. It basically focuses on how the rich exploits the poor and how the rich within health are able to afford to acquire good health whereas the poor would not be able to afford treatment if to say they development an illness such as cancer so as a result of this would be ill which would eventually result in drastic…show more content…
However, they may be given medication but not the best treatment only medication which allows them do get rid of their illness on the surface but does not actually satisfy the underlying problems. The rich on the other hand are able to afford the best treatment which means that they can get medication which will allow them to get better quicker meaning they can get back into their jobs as they are healthy again and continue on with their daily routines and spend money on leisure activities. As well as the poor is unable to afford medication they when they are ill it also effects their jobs as they will be off on the sick which also effects their income making it even more of a struggle for the less better off. Secondly the Feminism perspective is about how women aren’t as equal as men within health care. The Feministic approach believes that Pregnancy and childbirth should not be seen as a medical issue or an illness and it should be seen as a natural
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