Socio-Environmental Problems Essay

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Socio-environmental Problems The socio-environmental problems are caused by the industrial mode of production, which has stimulated increased pollution. These problems have led to the development of the study of the relationship between society and the environment, thanks to the approach of sociologists and social scientists. The environmental crisis is one of the most important challenges facing society, for these reasons it is necessary to reflect the causes of environmental problems. Are those that occur in our environment and affecting our society? The socio-environmental problems are the result of the intervention of the industrial economic model of consumer society, the idea of unlimited resources. Michael M. Bell argues that the environmental crisis is rooted in issues of power, as social inequalities allow a privileged class to exploit to their benefit environmental resources and having consequences on the environment due to the implementation of sustainable development models. In turn, these inequalities or disadvantages cause unprivileged society to observe the change almost immediately in their environments, so generating it difficult to eliminate these changes so easily. Since man realized he could make use of the natural resources that were around in the environment began to use regardless of the damage that made him over the years, putting at risk not only the climate, but also bio diversity and the survival of these creatures that inhabit this planet. Therefore: We have changed the environment dramatically in the last fifty years, to the point of endangering the existence of life on earth, and this has also become a matter of ethical concern.
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