Socio-Economic & Political Existence in Latin America

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SOCIO-ECONOMIC & POLITICAL EXISTENCE IN LATIN AMERICA By Talha Yousaf, Masters International Relations Introduction: Socio-economic and political existence in Latin America is a complex phenomenon. Latin America as a whole is a multi-ethnic society from white Europeans to black Africans, from mixed ethnicity to aborigines. So the only possibility of socio-economic and political existence in Latin America is social integration. Social integration is an extremely appropriate outcome that reflects the presence of social cohesion, a strong institutional footing and a culture of acceptance. Latin America has an elongated history of political violence with internal conflicts of different intensity, ideological origins, actors and dynamics. In the second half of the 20th century, political violence has involved civil wars, guerrilla activities, military interference, coup d’état, terrorism and others form of violent conflict. The socioeconomic structure of Latin America is characterized by large disparities of income and wealth. Socio-Economic & Political existence in Latin America To understand in detail this complex existence in Latin America we will discuss social, economic and political existence separately. We will start with Social Existence. Social existence The greatest risks Latin America is facing are Economic inequality and social marginalization. These longstanding twin disappointments continue to hamper the region’s progress – social cohesion and inclusive economic development are joined at the hip – one cannot exist without the other. Latin America is one of the most uneven areas in the whole world (this equality is not only in terms of income distribution, but also in the terms of access to education and access to credit). While poverty is dropping in general, perceptions of increasing disparity remain a flaming
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