Socio-Economic Changes In Colonial Virginia

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DBQ 1 Summaries: Document A: Percy describes the challenges faced by the colonists as disease, war, and starvation. Document B: This document describes the way the Virginians changed the colony socially and economically through the cultivation of tobacco. Document C: This contract emphasizes the importance of indentured servants in colonial society. The necessity of these documents illuminates how difficult life was for the colonists. Document D: This layout of a slave ship on the middle passage illustrates both the challenges faced by the slaves (cramped conditions), the challenges faced by colonists (the face that they justified this), and the socioeconomic changes made in colonial society (the acceptance of and dependence upon slavery). Document E:…show more content…
Because the colonists in Virginia were new to the region and its natural challenges, they faced challenges such as starvation and war with natives. The colonists responded to these challenges by improving farming methods and creating new policies for dealing with natives, both of which were major changes and lifestyle pillars over the century. The main farming change was the introduction of tobacco farming. This was an entirely new crop and, in becoming one of the main cash crops of Virginia, changed the lifestyle of Virginians and caused further changes and further problems, specifically the introduction of slavery and indentured servitude. The increased number of slaves and, to a larger extent, indentured servants, placed a strain upon Virginia’s public policy, causing it to drastically change.DBQ 2 Summaries: Document A: This document demonstrates the commonly held attitude of the day that Indians were inferior and that their culture was not as valuable or important as that of white men. Document
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