Society's Future Essay

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It’s really simple how the future will be: waste. That bright future that people talk about doesn’t exist and never will. Humans are wasting away the planet and will do so until the earth is completely wasted. The future will be an empty, trashy wasteland because of pollution, complete consumption of natural resources, and population growth. Those three factors are worsening by the hour and brining mankind closer to the end. Pollution: the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. Humans are polluting the earth more and more each day. Cars, an everyday necessity, are the largest single source of air pollution in the world. Rising CO2 levels have created ocean acidification, a consequence of such high CO2 levels that is killing the ocean’s coral reefs which also affects all sea life. A staggering amount of waste has also contributed to the high pollution levels in the ocean, most of which has appeared in the last sixty years. All of this pollution has been caused by the carelessness of humans. Humans have realized what incredibly useful resources the earth has, and have been ransacking them ever since. Consumption levels are at such high rates that the earth cannot produce enough resources to meet the extremely high needs of humans. Scientific data from across the world shows over 1/3 of the earth’s natural resources have been consumed in the last thirty years. It’s not just mineral and coal, animals and forests are natural resources being destroyed as well. Studies show from 1970 to 2002, a sharp fall in the planets ecosystem shrunk earth’s forest down to 12 percent and the ocean’s biodiversity by 55 percent. Humans are consuming resources at such alarming levels, with no slowing down in sight, that studies predict by 2050 earth’s natural resources will finish and its biodiversity will have died off. What is really
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