Society Today Is Totally Different From Society In 1904

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Many differences have happened for the last 100 years in our society. It is totally different from the society a century ago. In my opinion, the society has improved. Here under I highlight a few points. Health Comparing to 100 years ago people have a better health. Health-care has changed a lot. Today the cases of a lot of diseases are known and there are more medications against diseases. Also the health-care is available for everybody, not just for rich people (at least in the western countries). In the last century the people earned more and had more free time. So people had more chances to sport for leisure, what is good for health. Also the work has changed, from heavy work to ‘desk-work’. And also very important for the improved health is the changed food. Today we can eat nutritious food all year around. 100 years ago people could eat only canned food in winter. Now there are more kinds of such available food as rice, couscous, pasta’s, which make a better balance in our diets. The only negative point is that people take less time to cook, and food must be ready quickly. 100 years ago, all the food was very fresh, instead of supermarket food in 2004. All these reasons have had a good effect on the average life expectancy. The average life expectancy has risen significantly to about 75 years. Rise of new industries In the last century a lot of new industries arose. Just think of the television, radio, telephones, planes, computers, mobiles, widespread electricity and bathroom for everybody. When you look in houses that were built 100 years ago, you see no bathroom, very small bedroom (cause it couldn’t be heated properly), gas-connections for the lamps and open fireplaces. New houses have electricity, phone lines, central heating, big bathroom, big bedrooms, and cable for the TV. 100 years ago when you wanted to see someone, the only possibility was

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