Society Theory Essay

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Ua01a1 Social Theory Essay Crystal Camden For Soc1000 Professor: Jennifer Worley Submitted January 16th, 2012 For this essay I have choose to write about the social issues surrounding obesity in America. In this paper I will cover the Functional Theory, Conflict Theory, and the Symbolic Theory of obesity in America, while we may not think about it obesity on a daily basis it is a huge issue within our society in America. No matter if it is for children or adults, no matter if it is for the reasons of health, or the reason of appearance all of these areas play a part with in obesity in one way or another. In terms of obesity it is may not be considered the norm of society, although in America it is rapidly becoming so with more than half the population being overweight. The first of the three conflicts that I will talk about is Functional Theory. Functional Theory focuses on the way in which individuals different behaviors are shaped by the broader social forces of society. In this theory functionalism focuses on the way that society seems to mold people rather than people being able to make their own decisions. For example if everyone around an individual is eating out and that is the “cool” thing to do than that is what the individuals will follow to do. Overweight individuals are believed to be this way due to a lack of self control of being able to eat the right way and exercise the way that people should and with this being the believe it is blamed to be their own fault for being overweight. For example you have the hospitals in America making sure that they have equipment to accommodate larger individuals, this is just an example of how society is helping individuals adjust to being overweight. In the functionalist social control mechanisms of gossip and sneering are just a
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