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“What I am doing with my life, here in this civilization or time as an individual?” This is the question, keep bustling me most of the time. Today, I will try to find out the source and answer for this question in this session of writing by composing all my thoughts and learning, I have collected yet. One doubt of being born in wrong time or in wide of the mark society comes in my mind as a response to the question above. Or sometimes, I made myself believe that my upbringing responsible for all these, you are not born in an inaccurate world. Being born and brought up in a family, where all religions, cultures, foods and festivals are respected and enjoyed in similar fashion round the year. Most of people from outside world may find the things weird or amazing, was very normal for me in my family ( like using my left hand for having food, writing and for most of routine work, is one example which put amuse look on faces when I am in public). I have started school life in KV (and that is also at an underage of 4.5 yrs, what most of the people around think of me) without undergoing any pre-primary kind of formal education. In simple words, I let into the world where I have to identify my needs, away from parents guidance, starting right from choosing a friend to understanding of subjects what teachers taught in class. I made friends by there virtue, irrespective of there backgrounds or from which part of the society they come from (I must say, this is the advantage of being KVN, you cultivate in a family, whose members come from different cultures). Things started getting change when I moved into senior secondary (9th to 12th), I come to know that, there are some relaxation in fees for ST/SC students and this thing comes with discovery of some new surnames among my friends, which I never heard or read on there note/text-books before (I don’t

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