Society: Colin Powell's Impact On Society

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Every man who has walked on earth makes an impact on society but only few make such a large impact as Colin Powell has. Society is built around the people who live in it, and our society is built around decisions that he has made. Throughout his life he lead the way through many situations for better or for worse, and now we face the results of those actions. First it is critical to realize that there isn’t just one society as a whole and that different societies get impacted in different ways by only a single action. Colin Luther Powell was conceived into this world on the date of April 5th 1937 in Harlem, New York. He was the son of immigrants from the country of Jamaica. Later on this would show the general population that it doesn’t…show more content…
He was the first and youngest African American to have held that position. This again showed America that anything is possible regardless of race. During the Persian Gulf War he was the Pentagon’s Chief Operating Officer. In this situation he had role in one of the biggest events that impacted society. The Gulf War was very influential in the soldier’s standpoint, they even named the trauma experience after it (gulf war syndrome), and this had a very sympathetic affect on the whole country. Kuwait was liberated in this war which positively reflects into their society because they now independent and under their own control. This is also when Saddam Hussein lost much of his power and that was another positive effect in society because a powerful dictator would soon be out of power. Bin Laden was also involved in this effort, which resulted for his hate towards the United States and thus supposedly led a terrorist attack against us causing much havoc and negative impact on our society. During this era he became well known for his doctrine of tactics that was widely liked by the US population. This is an important impact because it replaces lost trust in the government over the many years (Thompson…show more content…
Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” This can be related to society and how it is impacted. Powell has had many impacts on many societies, some were good and some were bad. His actions are what helped to form the communities, countries, and groups that we as people live in. The quote means that even the negative impacts that Powell put upon societies is not going to make the whole society negative, it is just one drop in the ocean, the ocean of societies. After all, it is all the drops put together that make the ocean, not just one. He has contributed his parts to societies all over the world to make them what they are today and it is every one man’s duty to try and do the

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