Society Can Limit the Ways in Which People Express Their

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Society can limit the ways in which people express their identity and seek to fulfill their potential.‏ Our identity is shaped by positive and negative experiences. It is also a self-representation of our interest, relationships, socially activity and numerous other factors. Our sense of identity also stems very closely from our sense of belonging and how we relate to something or someone. However, the society or the occupants of the place we reside in have an underlying impact on how we express ourselves and fulfill our potential. Society defines the right and wrong for us, thereby limiting the choices we have to express ourselves. Society decides what position we must acquire to be seen as respectful, thereby forcing us to achieve that and only that. Conversely, if one chooses to express themselves in a different, unexpected manner it leads to an uproar on the society’s behalf. People were being bullied or judged on their character by the communities they belong to. Sandra is a young girl with dark skin who is born to white parents and it is because of her skin colour. The first challenge she faces is the constant trial to assimilate into the white community and the constant rejection. When it was Sandra first time at school, the students were staring at her because she is different comparing to all of them, a girl name Elize was being hit because she told the others Sandra is not black, “I told Annie you weren’t black and she hit me”. Not only does the white community fail to recognise her circumstances and accept her as a part of the white community, they also create a hostile environment for her when she decides to marry a black man, Petrus. The hostility increases to such an extent that Sandra separates from her family and her relationship fragments with her father. Sandra’s parents and the white community limited her potentials and denied her from
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