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Society Essay

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  • on March 7, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Language Analysis
The story, “Mi Life Soon Sort Out” explains the struggles of a single mother who has recently lost her job. The writer effectively uses a combination of language registers, dialectal variation, attitudes to language and communicative behaviours to reveal that there is always the possibility for multiple meanings to any utterance we make and that as users of language we must take care that the most suitable register and dialectal variation is used in the correct situation.
The writer aims to use several different language registers such a formal, casual and intimate. Carol had a meeting with her boss the morning she came to work approximately five minutes late. Her boss uses the formal register to break the news to her, “I am not pleased to say this but we will have to let you go. We will be happy to provide you with a letter of recommendation.” Casual register was evident when Maria was communicating with her friend from school as she says, “Mi deh deh pan mi eye top. Money is no problem, mi mada can find dat.” It is evident that Carol and Marcia are very close acquaintances. Carol expresses her personal feelings to Marcia as she told her, “...A nuh like di man dead, he is still alive and well. He claims he has other children to take care of. If a fi sell mi body, mi pickney dem a go continue school!!” This register is intimate.
Dialectal variation is also employed where characters uses Rasta and English. An example of the use of Rasta English is when the American approached Carol and said “Yo wah a gwaan, me name Raymond. Yuh irie?” He says this because he was in the presence of a Jamaican. In different countries people have a general concept that all Jamaicans speak with a Rasta accent. The narrator also mentioned Jamaican Standard English where he used the word “fish” to mean that Carol will have to find whatever she needed by herself, she had to be independent. At the same time the writer makes it possible for non-Jamaicans to understand....

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