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Is social networking sites : Do more harm than good? Tuesday, 1 May 2012 Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying is when a teen get harassed, threatened, humiliated or embarrassed by using the internet or any digital technologies. Recently social network has becoming the target. It is devastating for the victim; cyber bullying can lead to suicide and depression. Social networking site is where they can say thing but not in person. Online bullies confident that and they can make contact with their victims anytime, anywhere, day or night, not just in the school. It is clear that social networking shows cyber bullying is just one of the negative impacts that social networking site has on society today. Interference at workplace Social networking sites can have a negative impact in the workplace. They create distraction, decrease productivity, cost companies money, can jeopardize a company’s reputation and legal liability and for those users who don’t have their profiles set to private can often result in unemployment. Social networking sites also able to harmful for potential employees looking for job, as face book and MySpace are incredible resources for companies as they offer helpful information about a candidate’s true colors. Several profiles often contain awkward and embarrassing information that job seekers would not want their future managers to know about themselves. Isolation and depression Communicating with people over the internet makes bad contact on our relationship and at the same time they also can strengthen out week depression we have. The connection with the people we don’t see also can make our depression strong and also bring social isolation. People who isolated they may have a fake healthy friendship by talking or meeting people online. Marriage and carrier life can be ruined by increasing the number of people using the internet. Child

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