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MY OPINION OF LOVE What is love? Is love a feeling, an emotion or a fantasy we create in our heads? Love can be defined in so many different ways: For Example Love could be * ‘A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.’ or * ‘Sexual passion or desire.’ or * ‘A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.’ Love, in society, has many different ways of being expressed and explained but none of them really demonstrate the true power and consumption love has. When one is ‘in love’ they claim to have an unseen connection to the other person and feel something so deep and unexplained that they no longer see reason or logic. This, to me, is not something to aspire to or be envious of, but much of society today strives for the unseen wonders love claims to bring. Having this uncontrollable lust and infatuation which then consumes your entire being. It's like gravity doesn't hold you down anymore, You no longer belong to yourself. There is no truth or life in that. To permanently attach and commit your life to another person may not seem detrimental, however giving your life up for something that might limit your own growth and experiences, only to discover it was merely a period of common ground with an individual, who, much like you, has lost valuable time, presents you with a number of complications. Through this, you may argue that valuable lessons and growth have taken place but is it really worth the end result? Heartbreak and heartache. How many times have you heard those two terms used to describe the feeling of loss, emptiness, self-loathing and utter misery after ‘love’ has ceased to fulfil its promises. Over time even the term ‘love ’has lost its sentimental value due excessive use and exhaustion, not to mention society’s laxity and insensitivity towards such a strong noun.

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