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Tell me, why we depend on the acceptance of others in order to live successful lives. What is society anyway? And why do these people get to decide that what I do isn’t good enough and how can everyone just accept its word as law. Only society can destroy a man using methods more subtle than violence. What value does the individual have to this society that we all worship so? Surely by accepting it’s limiting views and tolerating it’s closed-minded values, we ourselves construct this beast that preys upon the weak and isolates the alternate, the diverse and the brilliant minds that we SHOULD look to when creating communities. In fact, community, now THAT’S a concept that I can support. I honestly believe in individuals making profound difference to society. We are lucky enough to live in a time of extreme social change, people are beginning to value each other and recognise that it’s up to us to make the most of our lives and use our individual gifts and skills to create a happier world and improve society, for who has more control over the future than we, united, do. Everyone speaks of isolation in such a negative light. But really, alienation at a young age, disappointment and heartache are all critical elements to the first stages of growing up. How can we hope to understand each other and appreciate who and what we have in our lives unless we have survived feeling totally alone and experienced the clarity of thought that accompanies it? Sure, I feel empty and alone, a lot, but I know that these emotions are going to make me a stronger person. If it was universally acceptable to be alienated for this growth process, then everyone would. You are not alone until you are nobody to anybody. Scenario: ‘society’ collapses. We are all suddenly equals; our voices wield the same power and our opinions are equally valued. Our outcasts have the potential to

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