Societies Look on Handicapped People

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Societies look on handicapped people The way society look on handicapped these days isn’t really fair, if you ask me. There are so many ways to be handicapped, some are more handicapped than others, but it’s like, once you’ve got a diagnosis, then people start the judging and their behaviour around you change. Not that I’m handicapped myself, but I know a lot of people who is, and the way people treat them, is sometimes really unbelievable. The way society is today makes it hard to live with a handicap, without being judged. It’s all about the look, the money and what you can accomplish, and with a handicap, that makes it hard to fit in. To be handicapped, are a lot of things. It can be because of a something that has happened to you in the past, or it can be something you get diagnosed with as a child or as grown up. But in the end, no matter what kind of handicap you have, some people will judge you, and some might even change their behaviour around you. As person with more knowledge about this specific topic then most people in my age, I know what some of the people with a handicap feel and what they think in some situations. They can feel haunted by the society and the government. They feel like they’re just some kind of trouble, whom most people would rather see as none-existing. And in the world that we live in, you can as a pregnant get examination, which shows if you’re child is handicapped, and if it is, you can decide to get an abortion. Is that fair? That just because you’re unborn child will be born with some difficulties is it then fair just to say “I don’t want it”. Is it fair to treat handicapped different just because there’s something they can’t do? Because in our society that’s, what we do. So many kids make fun of handicapped in a wheelchair or because they look slightly funny or different. So many people talk about a handicapped, if

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