Societal Trends In The Criminal Justice System

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Societal Trends That Will Impact The Criminal Justice System Everest Online CCJ 1017-12 Societal Trends That Will Impact The Criminal Justice System The United States has their hands full when it comes to controlling the trends of individuals in society. In this essay will be information about societal trends. Therefore, identifying, and discussion which model of criminal justice is best suited to deal with crime problems of the future. There are several societal trends in America that impact our criminal justice system. Therefore, just to name a few I will be sharing three societal trends; the first trend is the lowering of government spending. For example in order to save a state money that state would less likely imprisonment a drug offender and just imply probation or a fine. Another form of lowering government spending is by…show more content…
Therefore, by having sufficient evidence this would be enough to convict a criminal in the court of law. Crime control is based on handling crimes that occur with a quick and effective outcome. For example if the prosecutor does not have strong evidence to receive a conviction there is a slight chance the offender’s case will get dismissed. Therefore, emphasizing the capacity to arrest, and convict a high proportion of offenders in other words put the criminal in jail first and question later. However, with the “due process an individual is allowed their day in court if suspected of a crime because of United States constitution. Therefore giving that individual a right to a fair trial with an option for a jury of his or hers peers. It is the responsibility of the courts system to provide strong evidence on an individual accused of committing a crime beyond reasonable doubt. Strong evidence is important to avoid sending an individual to prison if they are innocent (Siegel, J. L.,
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