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Societal Influences Essay

  • Submitted by: jbarraza8075
  • on January 13, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Individual and societal influences that lead to deviance from dominant group norms
In the professional field of psychology individuals have multiple feelings of how others are led by deviance and how it is portrayed in society.   Selected individuals who form roles and play a part of a certain group are likely to share some of the same characteristics within evident groups in society.   In the criminal justice system uniqueness in specific memberships have the same motive, bond, and relationship to society.   In the eyes of society these memberships are not the norm, so these individuals are often viewed as black sheep because of their rejection to basic guidelines and rules placed within society.   People that are part of the group experience more troubles with the deviated members instead of out-group members (Fiske, 2004).   Deviance is associated with reward-cost consequences of diverse behaviors and how an individual views and comprehends norms of society.   These behaviors of deviance are perceived as disruptive, corrupt, and are deemed by malicious acts or abnormalities of human behavior.   Even though deviant individuals are viewed as challenging and awkward members of society, these individuals believe these behaviors can be rewarding.   Some examples of groups who are foreseen as deviant individuals are criminals, mental health, drug addicts, and any delinquent behavior.   Most deviant individuals have the knowledge and awareness about deviance, but choose to participate in these group settings.   Deviance takes place because the individuals develop a sense of identity or self-image; which become their personal standards in life (DeLamater, 1968).    
Many individuals that take part in deviant behavior tend to perform learned contra-conventional ways, goals, and other sustaining attitudes towards socialization. This type of learning and socialization prepares the individual for deviant behavior fairly directly; it removes the necessity for him to neutralize...

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