Socierty Essay

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A demanding society. Pamela Anderson Communication Applications. 1st period. 4.01.12 A demanding society These days, everything and everyone has a standard that you are requiered to meet, mostly kids. As children grow, they experience changes physically and emotionally. They become aware of differences and start now noticing differences among people, and the social groups or cliques they stick to. Some kids would like to join these social groups, others would just prefer to stay on their own. By highschool, the importance of fitting in with others becomes a requirement that is considered crucial to follow. Cliques have their good and bad side, and they prevail in almost every highschool you go to. Factors go from peer pressure to being a victim of bullying and are commonly small groups and include people with the same interst in music, dress, sport or beliefs, or they are just being forced to join a certain group by some of their closest influences. A clique is mostly about stereotyping people without the need of getting to know who you are. If you fit the mold of a certain group, you get targeted by the lable. They usually have a strict code of membership and ways of behavior. Some of this cliques have such names as the “Jocks” “Populars” or “Metal heads”. The Jocks consist of kids who are mostly attracted to the same likes on sport or those who are extremely athletic. People may also be considered a Jock just by the way they dress, even if they are not likely to perform any sport sor physical activity. The Populars is a term used mostly by girls and it is a term usually used in highschool to

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