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Dear Toronto Gazette, I am writing this letter, with discontent for the increasing amount of immigrants. Many people may say that the increase in immigrants is beneficial but I strongly believe that the increase is disadvantageous to Canada. The immigrants are taking over our land, thinking that they are in charge. they think they can fit in to our everyday lives, but thats wrong! We will not allow them to settle in so quickly! We will try long and hard to stop them. We have built this province with a lot of hard work. We fought in the rebellion, and they just think that they're welcome without having to put in as much effort as we have.The other colonists need to realize this, and not be so welcoming! As once these rodents, are settled in the others in different countries will start to arrive and then we will lose all of the respect we have built for ourselves. they will start to run the council and as of now we don't have that much of say, but what will happen when our council is completely overthrown? It will be a catastrophe! After being neglected for the longest time, waiting months and years to get some type of reform, its outrageous to even think that people, are to coming to take our land. These people bring diseases that kills thousands! How can we let these people in? The council is insane! Everyday when I'm out in my farm i see all these rats walk by hoping to find some land. Some of them even tried to take mine! I will not stand for this! Joseph Smith Carleton

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