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SOCIAL NETWORKING AND PRIVACY ABSTRACT Participation in social networking sites, like Friendster, Tribe, Facebook etc, has dramatically increased in recent years and the presence of millions of strangers on the same platform where your personal information is stored has created a lot of privacy concerns for everyone. The privacy concerns are not only from the users, or strangers, but also from the very organizations or companies to whom we are willingly giving away all the personal information we have, including but not limited to our names, educational background, our work, friends, family, along with pictures, videos, our likes and dislikes - summarizing it as our personality profiles. PAPER Since the advent of the World Wide Web, or the “Internet”, there have been very new methods and techniques of communication, like e-mail, that have made the world very small. The first decade of the 21’st century has seen a very phenomenal change in the way people communicate, interact and socialize, thanks to the Internet. The change in the communication and interaction has lead people to stay online for longer durations, thus creating an environment for Social Networking Sites(SNS). SNS are websites that allow users to upload information about them to a publicly accessible profile, create lists of online friends, upload information about themselves and their friends, and browse through various other profiles of users of the SNS. Users upload various kinds of information, like their name, address, contact information, educational background, work places, and often mention their friends, relatives, colleagues etc in various sections of the website. These websites offer a very fast way to communicate among other users, and since the

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