Socially Innovative Enterprise Essay

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Table of contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Socially innovative enterprise 2 2.1 Systems thinking 2 2.2 Identity and Value 4 2.3 corporate governance 6 2.4 Global Commerce 7 3. Conclusion 9 Reference 10 Appendix 12 1. Introduction Through more than one month study and learning with some professors and partners in the tutorials, I learned much knowledge about enterprises and commerce and had much impression learning experience. This essay will provide a critical evaluation of this learning experience to explain the meaning of socially innovative enterprise and how to govern the corporate in innovative social environment. For the purpose of this task, the essay will inform and be contrasted to the theory, such reflection and analysis will concentrate on four significant issues. The first section will explain what is systems thinking and its important meaning. Some discussion about the reasons and influence of systems thinking will be provided. The second section will give some reasons to explain why the identity is so important for an enterprise. Identification the value and position is a significant part regardless of the individual or groups. The third section will describe the concept of corporate governance and give an example to explain how to govern a corporate. The last but not least section will introduce some knowledge about global commerce and the influence of the enterprise in globalization. Four crucial parts have internal relations and described a socially innovative enterprise that has good corporate governance. 2. Socially innovative enterprise 3.1 Systems thinking In this day and age, enterprises need systems thinking to analyse and manage the companies. What exactly is systems thinking? Firstly, we should know the mean of the system. A system is a group of components that from a complex and unified whole and they are
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