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Socialized Medicine Socialized medicine has recently been a hot topic in today’s American Society. Many political leaders are pushing to have Americas health care system socialized. However many people feel that there are too many problems with it and do not want to separate from the American health care system. Both sides’ present good arguments as to why or why not America should convert to the socialized health care system. Created in 1970, socialized health plans provide free public healthcare. Every patient receives free hospital care, free doctor’s visits, free medicine, and free surgery while in the hospital. Socialized medicine is so well known and regarded that Canada’s healthcare system has long been looked upon as a perfect example of what socialized medicine should be and it was even awarded the international award for excellence in 1993. Even though Canada’s Healthcare plan has had such a positive history it is now becoming plagued with endless problems. Some of these problems include lack of supplies, doctors, beds, and very long waiting periods for medical attention and medicine. These problems can become personal when it comes to the doctors. In the American healthcare system you get to pick your doctor and they are employed by the hospital, but in the socialized health care system you do not have that option. The government employs the doctors and people feel that can create a bias when it comes to providing adequate medical attention. Many patients tend to form a relationship with their doctor over the years and they obtain a sense of comfort in that. With socialized healthcare it doesn’t work like that. Because of these problems arising in Canada’s healthcare system many people are starting to rethink whether or not socialized medicine is all that it hyped up to be. People argue that these problems are due to the fallacious claims of

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