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Socialization is define as a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position. Reflecting on whether or not the forces of socialization had an influence on my choice of educational goals I would say no it did not. My assumptions as a child regarding whether I would go to college was not because of socialization because it was not an example of the people I grew up with in my environment. We were encouraged by the counselors in the school but not many of my peers had plans for higher education after high school. I chose to study the field of medicine because of my own experience in labor and delivery after I had my children. I really like how the nurses coach the mothers and care for the babies so I made a decision then I would like to work in that field. I did not fall under peer pressure in high school because I always had to be the older one where my sisters were concern. I focus more on trying to be an example for them so I did not follow a lot of my peer’s antics. I always like to do my best at what I do so any ridicule of my peers concerning my academics would not have change my mind own being the best I could be. Standardized achievement tests did not influence my goals for medicine. I did not like them and only took them because it was a requirement to finish school. I was more focusing on passing the test than what the test could predict about my future. In my school unless you were really focus on your educational goals beyond high school you were not approach by counselors to discuss your plans. The most important thing in my community was to encourage you to finish high school so you can get a job or enlist in the service. You had to really have a passion for learning or have ambition to be different. My sisters were blessed with a four

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