socialization and crime

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Socialization definitely plays a significant role when it comes to crime. Even though that is so, social class alone cannot explain crime rates. Socialization is basically when a person acquires an identity and learns the norms, values, and behaviors appropriate to their social standing. This will often affect crime. There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when describing the relationship between crime and socialization. Family relationships are a major factor that determines criminal behavior. If you don’t get enough attention or have a structured life you can are prone to becoming a criminal. If there is any type of abuse or if you have a single parent family, that can affect crime. Obviously if members of your family are or were involved in criminal behaviors you are likely to follow in their footsteps. Where you live is also extremely important when it comes to socialization and crime. Your residence can determine what kind of school you will go to and what kind of people you will be around. If you live in a deteriorated neighborhood you’re obviously poor and so are the people around you so once again you’re prone to crime. There is going to be higher crime rates here because people need to try and make ends meet whether they’re going to do it legally or illegally. People in this area also lack an education which is why they were unable to get a good job. Schools often label and that makes people feel like outcasts and that’s a reason why they drop out. Sometimes schools in really bad areas are often like “daycares” in a way. There so busy trying to keep kids off the streets that they don’t have time to actually educate you. When you live in areas like this you tend to associate with the people there and change to fit in. You begin hanging out with the wrong crowd because the “bad” kids are the only kids around. Teens, especially,

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