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People, social groups, and institutions that bring together new people into groups are different agents of socialization. 6 major agents of socialization are family units, education, religion, peers, mass media, and the workplace. Each agent plays a major role in socialization, in both the primary and secondary stages. Agents such as family, education, religion, peers and mass media influence and begin to show us how we should behave in our child years in the primary stage of socialization. In the secondary stage all of these agents are or could be included, as well as the workplace, since many of us enter the workplace in late childhood or early adulthood. Traditionally, families give children something to belong; you learn the roles of each gender, ideas, and understanding of our race, religion, ethnicity, and class. Your home life influences what you think about life and of yourself. “Whether children see themselves as smart or stupid, loved or simply tolerated, whether they see the world as safe or dangerous, depends largely on what happens at home during the first few years of their life.” (pg.152) Education plays an important role in socialization through a “hidden curriculum”( pg. 152) that instills social norms, values, and some of our first social statuses. It helps us form and mold how we view ourselves and how we wish others to view us. Religion, or religious affiliation, an ascribed status, is important because it provides a divine motivation for the reasons we act as we do. It introduces people to law. It teaches us how to follow rules. In my opinion peer groups are probably one of the most influential agents of socialization. Influence you get from peers can be both negative and positive. They help us learn how to interact with others socially and the importance of being loyal and respectful to whatever peer group you are a part of. However you

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