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The Great Impacts of SocializationSerena MacLeod January 14 2013HSP SM1 Period 1Ms. Ashfaq Socialization is a life full of interaction. It begins at a young age, between a parent and a child, which is the primary influence. Early interaction as a child is said to be very important as it is their base to all socialization for their future. Socialization is taught throughout a person’s life, and they never will stop learning the factors of interaction; from touch, to physical needs. Everyone goes through life learning new things about socialization, by personal experiences. You are taught important skills to help you adapt into the society of today. Three major agents of socialization are media, family, and religion; these agents alone have huge impacts on individuals, groups, and society. Media plays a big impact on socialization. Television for example is the #1 entertainment agent, or “pass-time” for humans. The things a person sees on television definitely shapes the behaviours and attitudes of the individual. The actions and values of the actors/actress' on television give off a statement of 'proper' and 'ideal' living, that ultimately the viewer longs to have. For example, in a tv show where the mother is only apparant while preparing the meal is telling the viewer that women are only made for being in the kitchen, which is completely stereotypical. The thing is, the viewer doesn't usually consciencely notice these elements of the story, yet the message is still getting into their minds, and ultimately shifting their behaviour and thoughts. Another form of media takes place as magazines. Books filled with pictures of the 'ideal body' and 'ideal life style' that is ultimately impossible to achieve, but it makes the viewer strive for these things, because they are getting influenced by what is said to be perfect. Teenaged girls are by far in the highest rate

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