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Sociology Assignment #2 Sean Langen Sheridan College Professor: Lukasz Kurowski Friday, March 30th, 2012 Sociology Assignment# 2 The agent of socialization which I chose for this assignment was media. Media is an agent of socialization because media is becoming more and more used by so many different people every day regardless of whether it is children, teenagers, or even adult’s. Media is a huge factor of socialization in our country, some of the music that is being put out now for example is teaching kids to act a certain way and dress a certain way, and even disobey higher authority, the music that these artists put out is socializing the youth like from rap and rock music it teaches these kids how to act and socialize. When it comes to media there are so many different agents of socialization that come with it and have a big influence on our society like for example there is the television, motion pictures, the radio, the internet, downloadable music and also another big one is cellphones. Many many people all over our country have been or are involved with some form of media which socializes them with many different people. Another example of socialization would be “In Canada, for example, virtually all households own at least one television set (Canadian media research 2006). In addition, in 2005 an estimated 87 percent of Canadians lived in households with cable or satellite TV service (Canadian media research 2006); during the same year, 61 percent of Canadian households were connected to the internet (Statistics Canada 2006a)” (Schaefer, Haaland, p.79). The media has a huge effect on our society every day; the media helps shape the way our country socializes, the media tells society how we should look, dress, act, what kind of phone they should have or what kind of car they should drive, etc. the influence of media and technology has a major

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