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She Is a Bella Pink bows, tutu dresses, ballet classes, and high heels are characteristics that have been infinitely used to define a woman. In contrast, blue shirts, soccer games, legos, and paint ball guns have been associated with a man. These characteristics have long been formulated by society to define a person. However; society’s expectations of a woman or a man go beyond the attributes mentioned above. The environment that surrounds any person influences who they are and who they will become. The gender roles that were set up by society influenced me while growing up. Throughout my childhood, I was expected to demonstrate female qualities by my friends, family, and society. Growing up, my friends were critical influences that encouraged me to follow certain female qualities. I was expected to be “feminine” and to follow the girl qualities they believed defined a girl. I was expected to play with dolls and Barbies, instead of cars and legos. This became clear to me as I started to mature, and began to understand what being feminine and masculine was all about. As a young girl who enjoyed playing hide and seek and tag, I would constantly take the ribbons off my head to get rough with the other kids. I did not understand why I had to endure headaches caused by the huge pink bows my mother put every morning. On the other hand, my cousins who were boys were able to let loose and not worry about wearing bows and dresses. Once I began school, I started to understand the difference gender played in each person. The bigger picture was that girls had to wear pink ribbons to be presentable, while boys could go out and play in their pajamas. I remember my first day of kindergarden; my mom’s concept of getting me ready for school was “dressing me up” which was a long process that consisted of pink bows, a hair brush, and pain. She tried to make me look “pretty”

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