Socialism: Unity and Common Interest

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Julio Serrano EN-102 Prof. Ignacio Arana 5-6-09 Socialism: Unity and Common Interest Socialism calls workers to unite for a better community. This gives them a better work ethic (Walicki). Karl Marx once said, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" (Titelman). This is a very accurate summary of the basis of socialism. Everyone gives what they can and gets what they need. In a socialist economy, life security is guaranteed. For example, a handicapped cannot make enough money to feed and clothe your family, the community helps him. This would also apply if a person had a mental or physical handicap that did not allow them to get a job (Walicki). Socialism takes care of education, Medicare, and welfare for free. Socialism gives the workers a reason to unite, to work together for a better today and a good tomorrow. This strengthens the economy and creates a better place to live. People look not for personal profit, but for community gain. Everyone is united for everyone's common good. Scientists work harder on their jobs because they know that the public is counting on them. Minorities are served well by socialism. This is because capitalism oppresses minorities while socialism unites them. In the capitalist world, it is nearly impossible to change your social status and move up to a "better one." The socialist world, on the other hand, is working as hard as they can to have a classless society. Everyone would have the same social status: the better

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