Socialism and 19th Century Women

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Reflections Prof. Duckett Thursday October 16th, 2014 Thadshaini Senthurchandar As a 19th century women, which employment would you wish to have ? Explain your choice. As a women in the 19th century, I would of choose to work in a factory. It was a chance for a women to demonstrate her skills and also to be part of the social circle outside of the house. She did have a salary which may not be as good or as high than the men but was of course a great help to the family and a privilege to her.By 1850, employers did have better economic improvements which benefits a women coming from a middle class. If I work more, I earn more so there was a possibility to improve the income and life during that time. During this era, there was wars and that was actually the best time for a women to work because she could actually get a work easily and still be useful as her husband went to war. By working in a factory during the industrial revolution, I get money to buy my food which means that I could actually eat more food and food of a higher nutritional quality. Another reason why factory work is better according to me is the fact that if I worked in my own cottage, the income would be for the whole family ( the whole family earn a sum) but by working in a factory, we get paid individualy in the family which brings more money and of course if we have a cottage some merchants could actually mess of stock of materials. Also I think that work in the mines was most certainly not for the women. Working underground is not a good job for women. People hardly know what is going down there and the ceiling of the mines could collapse at any moment. We also have to consider the fact that it was physically tiring and when the women goes home after a hard day of labor in a dirty mine, she doesn`t really want to do anything else and that is bad because the family is expecthing her to cook

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