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Socialism Essay

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  • on October 14, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Socialism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

To have a revolution

1. the objective material conditions- created by the contradictions of capitalism- proletariat (a class in itself)
2. the subjective conditions- class for itself
- a class that is conscious
- that all in it share common interests

When these two conditions co-exist, comes the REVOLUTION

Revolutionaries Bolsheviks/Lenin
The vanguard party will hasten its coming

Skipped a step into the coming of communism

1. Hunters/gatherers
2. Slavery
3. Feudalism- Russia
4. Capitalism – skipped this step
5. Communism- USSR
Lenin and Mao and many other modern revolutionists Cuba/Vietnam- added the peasants

Menchevicks- evolutionary communism
Let capitalism rise and take it’s toll

Revisionism- Edward Bernstien- go with the system, establish a socialist party, take over and alter things to create social democracy

Production of wealth is based on factors of production:

-land: defined as everything in the universe that is not created by human beings
-labor: human exertion, mental or physical, in production.
-capital: Physical products of human labor that are used in production, or are in the course of exchange.

appropriaton (of surplus) is individual

production (of surplus) is social

Capitalism was destined to be overthrown by a proletarian revolution

(b) Communism- equality over individual freedom

if the individual I given too much freedom, some of them will dominate the others.- inidivual ownership of means of production (land, labor, capital)

according to communism in order to avoid this extreme inequality the state should own the factors of production

the state should be autonomous and have high capacity

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