Socialism Essay

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Socialism 1 Abstract There are a few different types of influences that socialization play in shaping an individual's political culture in the United States. One way is a families influence, some families might believe that the child will and has no choice to feel how they feel about political culture. Another way is the media and how an individual perceives what they are seeing and hearing and making their choice based on that information. Education systems is one way that an individual is being taught about the different types of political cultures and that could push them in one direction or the other. A lot of people might be a little more confused than others about what their own personnel political culture views are. In other words, some people are so confused that they tend to follow what others are choosing to do. Some people who are in this category might be strongly influenced by the people in their workplace. Another possibility of the option could be due to their religion. If they were raised to be a specific religion then they might not have a choice to choose their own political culture, they might be placed to a specific one. I have never really had a great influence on the government myself. Mostly I learned about the government during my education in school and what my parents felt was right. I think I was really too young to have a true understanding to have a specific political culture choice so I chose to follow my parents. Once I got out of school I joined the military and started to understand more about the government and start to gain a more independent feel for myself. I still believe to this day I am still a little confused on where I truly stand. I don't think you could classify my views and political culture into one category. I have never had any influences pushed on me in the workplace, religion

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