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Human Service Agency Visit and Interview Suzanne BSHS 301 February 27, 2012 Carol Watson Social Worker Interview with: Lanese Clausell I. Years of Experience A. How many years in your field 1. Lanese has 12 years experience in the Social work field 2. She has been with the same agency since graduating from Fresno State. 3. She has a Bachelors degree and graduated from Fresno State in 2000 B. Type of Social Worker 1. Lanese is a CPS Social worker 2. She works for Tulare County II. Job Description 1. Provides counseling and support for families. Helps families with a safe and stable environment 2. Adoptions; finds a…show more content…
Her dislikes about her job: when she can not help someone because her agencies policies will not allow her to. 8. She also dislikes her job when a case turns out badly. IV. Pay Scale 1. Lanese makes approximately $60 thousand a year 2. Full Benefits : Medical, Dental, and Vision 3. 401 K plan V. Burn Out 1. She said she does feel burnt out when she has a lot on her plate with her work life and her home life. She also said she knows when to take time off from work so she can recover from all the stress from her job. 2. She said she knows how to separate her personal life from her work life. Her number one rule is not to bring her work home, and not to bring her home life to work. She said that helps balance out her home life with her work life. VI. Personal Experience influenced by being a Social Worker She said when she decided to become a Social Worker she not only wanted to change her life by getting a degree, she wanted to help change other people’s lives as well. She was so inspired

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