Social Work vs Psychology

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Social Work Vs. Psychology Careers Healing Human Problems A career in psychology is similar to a career in social work, because both careers deal with helping individuals with intense life problems, and each prescribes solutions to their suffering. People have wondered since ancient times why humans behave the way they do. The psychology profession came into existence by Greek philosopher Aristotle who wanted to explore what the human mind could do. The idea of helping people and showing favor to the less fortunate comes from some religions but especially Christianity, and social work is the career that makes this happen. With social work and psychology being similar it is hard for someone who is deciding on a career in helping improve humans to choose between the two. Explanation of some of the most popular careers in social work and psychology will give a more understanding of how they contrast. Looking up social work and psychology in The World Book Encyclopedia provides information on the major fields and what they offer. So does The Big Book of Jobs, 2005-2006 edition, College Board website, and the California Employment Development Department career information website. This is how three major career fields in social work and three major career fields in psychology differ. Explanation of three careers fields in social work is necessary to get an idea about the career. Family and child welfare is one field in social work. Family and child welfare social workers help children who have been physically or emotionally abused. Family and child welfare social workers provide services to families for the purpose of improving their social and psychological function. For example, child welfare workers take action if they detect child abuse in a family. Furthermore, family welfare workers help families deal with their relationship problems, marriages, home management,
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