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Social Work Approaches Essay

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  • on January 3, 2012
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Social Work Approaches

This assignment will compare and contrast the approaches Ecological Systems Theory and Solution Brief Therapy. It will discuss the methods and principles and then move on to look at their similarities and differences, illustrated by case scenario two. It will then look at advantages and disadvantages including any limitations for practice and identifying any issues surrounding anti-discriminatory practice. It will conclude with a brief synopsis about the theories.

There are many models of intervention in Social Work and several, it can be said, are interrelated. Most have evolved from theories which in turn have come from studies that includes those around individuals, society, culture and policies, ‘it is important to remember that theories themselves reflect the history, culture, assumptions and values of those who have developed them’. Crawford and Walker, (2007 p. 16).   Although many theories conflict, many do contrast and there is a need to identify how their underpinning principles will influence the choice of intervention. Social Workers use theories to guide their practice and inherent principles of Social Work is anti-oppressive, non-judgemental and empowerment, the General Social Care Council (GSCC) Codes of practice requires that Social Workers should be “promoting the independence of service users and assisting them to understand and exercise their rights” (GSCC Code 3.1). Several theories are founded in the psychosocial field, psychosocial concepts looks at the individual and their environment as a whole. (Turner 1978 p.2) cited in Teater (2010 p.7) stressed that “People are to be understood as products of interaction among their relationships ...........participation in societal, cultural, and current events”.

Ecological Systems Theory is a principle of General Systems Theory, which grew from the biological sciences:   the work of Biologists Ludwick Von Bertalanffy (Healy 2005 p.134) it was developed to show the...

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