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Social Work Admission Essay

  • Submitted by: ochavira91
  • on November 13, 2011
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I will be quite honest and say that Social work was not initially what I had in mind as a future career. It was more along the lines of a Doctor, Writer, Psychologist, Make- up Artist, and Dental hygienist.   Attending church regularly I was always taught to utilize the talents God has given me and make something of it. I have quite a few talents and passions but for a while it was difficult for me to find something that combined all of them together.   The only thing that remained the same in my search for a career was one that would help others. After weeding out all the good and bad career choices, after going through certain life experiences, getting older and taking a bigger look at the world and the problems we as people face in it everyday, it suddenly came clear to me.   My prayers were answered and I knew what my calling was; Social Work.
My mother was a major influence on my interest in the social work field. She attended CSULB but was not able to complete her BA in social work. She was married to a man and soon after had me. She wasn’t the type of person to give up so quickly on anything, but my father was not exactly a good “father” or “husband”. Only a day after I was born he was back on the streets, getting into trouble. Normally my mother would put up with his actions simply because she loved him and feared the idea of being alone, but after I came along the love she once had for him was no longer good enough for her or for me. My mother knew that the life we were living wasn’t the finest one and that’s when she decided to leave my father. That single decision was one of the hardest decisions she would ever make. She was left without a husband, and I was left without a father.
Raising me was no effortless task for a single mother, and struggling to make ends meet while trying stay strong for me was extremely tough. My biological dad was sentenced to life in prison so he was no help to my mother. Forced to apply for cash aid, using wick services to...

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