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Prospectus The College of The Bahamas School of Social Sciences Presented by: Karen Allen Franay Bain Antonique Bannister Knastachia Cooper Joy-Ann Cartwright Pemesia Rolle Social Work 404 Social Dimensions of HIV/AIDS Presented to: Dr. Carolyn Rolle Date: March 11th ,2015 Topic: HIV and AIDS Fundraiser Target area: Pinewood & College of The Bahamas Oakes Field Campus Target Population: Male & Female 13+ years Intended Day: * Community Walkabout: March 28, 2015 * Dollar Drive: March 19&26; April 2nd 2015 (Thursdays) Goal: To raise monetary funds for the AIDS Foundation of the Bahamas to aid in the enhancement of services provided to HIV positive victims. Also to bring about awareness of HIV and AIDS through educating persons via the distribution of pamphlets with HIV/AIDS related information and facts to discourage discrimination and encourage individuals to get tested and know their status. Introduction According to “The Columbia University Handbook on HIV and AIDS”, a book written by Laura Pinsky and Paul Harding Douglas, “AIDS is an illness that damages a person’s ability to fight off disease, leaving the body open to attack from ordinarily innocuous infections and some forms of cancers” (Pinksy & Harding-Douglas, 2009). AIDS is an acronym which stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome and it is caused by a virus known as HIV. HIV is also an acronym which stands for Human Immuno Deficiency Virus. The virus works by infecting certain types of white blood cells known as CD4 cells or T4 cells and monocytes (Pinksy & Harding-Douglas, 2009). These white blood cells are known as helper cells and help to defend the body by fighting off infections that threaten the health of the host. It is the disruption of the function of these white blood cells that characterizes AIDS. According to Pinsky and

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