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Social Work Essay

  • Submitted by: tashadrungo
  • on December 14, 2012
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Addictive drugs are not always illegal drugs. Most drugs are prescribed by a doctor for an illness. Doctors will prescribe certain drugs such as oxycodone, vicoden, Percocet, Ritalin, concerta, addreral, and many more. This is just a few of the many examples of prescriptive drugs that are being abused currently under physicians care. It is extremely easy for any person to go to the doctors and make up a few symptoms and walk out with one of the above drugs. Doctors prescribe those drugs easily as if they did not know all the side effects and addictions they can cause. After surgery they write prescription after prescription so you are not in pain, and generally more than necessary. There are so many unused perceptions due to this, which people have resorted to the option of filling them and selling each pill for a certain amount of money. People who sell perception drugs make a small fortune by doing so.
A social worker can help a drug addict in many ways.   First off, the patient has to admit to having a problem one of the major signs and symptoms of drug addiction is denial. It is very difficult to force someone into treatment, if the addict is a family member it is often far more difficult. Once the patient has come to terms with their addiction as a social worker you have the tools and can utilize the services to get them back on track.   One way is face to face counseling. They can find out the other underlining problems to why they stared abusing the drug and see if there is a physical etiology r possibly a underlying mental health problem. They can suggest them to group therapy so they can see they are not the only one with these issues. When you see you are not the only one with drug addiction it may be easier to stop and not feel as bad about yourself, because you’re not the only one going through this. If it is really bad a social worker may refer you to rehab or detoxification process. Checking into a rehabilitation or detoxification center provides a...

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