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Social work is a profession for those with strong desire to help and promote people’s life. According to GSCC, a social worker must respect and promote individual views and wishes of services users and carer; support service user rights to control their lives and make informed choices about the services they receive. However, the evidence I have gathered from various reports suggest none of the above mentioned is being followed by other professionals. According to the Breaking the Circle of Fear report services users are not involved in the planning of their care (McCulloch, 2002). Mental health service users carers believe that professionals view them as dangerous and incapable of making their own decision before being properly assessed(McCulloch, 2002). In this, service users become hesitant to ask for help or to get involved in the planning of their own care. Identified by Chamberlin (1988), that users of psychiatric services discover that a few professionals question the basic assumption that people with a mental illness are incapable of defining their own best interest (Braye, 1997). The Breaking the circle of fear report identified the stereotypical views of Black service users experiencing racism, cultural ignorance and the stigma associated with mental illness and often combine to undermine the way in which professionals assess and respond to their needs (McCulloch, 2002). Black service users with mental health problems are more likely to be sectioned without a proper assessment due to lack of communication and information sharing. They feel that their views are ignored and the professionals talk at them instead of talk to them. Thus, this causes them a great deal of more psychological problems, anxieties and worsens their mental state. In addition, carers believed there are overlooked and their voices are not heard. Carers say their wishes are to be more

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